NaoYacht Design & Engineering was built on a love of yachting. Founded in 2015 by a young and amazing team ready to support and advise you in every aspect of the luxury yacht.  Each project is led by an exceptional passion in keeping with the belief that quality is defined by the calibre of our team. Within our in house team are all the skills necessary to produce a ‘turnkey’ solution for any client, whether it is a custom vessel, or production. Apart from naval architecture this includes the styling, both interior and exterior, and the design of the engineering systems.

The creative process always begins with the definition of the hull; the appendages and sail plan configurations and continue through several optimization iterations. The team uses several 3D programs and Computational Fluid Dynamic programs. We also use extensive wind tunnel and tank testing to prove or improve the designs. The team combines, at all times, computational results and accumulated experience to deliver the yachts of the future.



Jesus Franco Martin

After graduating as Naval Architect in the University of Cadiz, began to study yacht design in a self-learning manner. Jesus is a passionate about luxury, cars and yacht design since he was a child. He has great artistic talents and very good hand-sketching skills. Jesus is able to develop its wide knowledges for any work within the marine industry.